Gaea LaBelle(non-registered)
I'm looking forward to working with you!
bob burnham(non-registered)
nice work Tristan!
Valerie M-S(non-registered)
Enjoyed the art especially the eatable art. You really have an eye and pizzaz to make it all interesting.
Awesome, Sis! Love you!!
Pat Smith(non-registered)
WOW!! I'm impressed!!
bob burnham(non-registered)
Very nice work Tristin! It would be great to see more....(we know you've got a stack of "cards" full by now!)
Mark Gerrits(non-registered)
They are great! you have a great eye.
Awesome!!! I just visited somewhere over the rainbow and I saw a piece of paradise that would never be paved. I love you, baby.
You're amazing~!! Tristin, you captured me lively when the clouds were dark. Thank you. :)
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